Specialty Services

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle yet profound non-invasive, hands-on treatment for the whole body. Performed on a massage table, the client is fully clothed and the touch is generally light and still. The treatment is focused on supporting the health of the whole being, especially the nervous system.

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An individually tailored full body treatment related to the area of complaint and directed at specific holding patterns and their structures. To release tension, rejuvenate cellular memory and support a free flow on a deeply integrated physical level you can include a combination of several massage techniques.

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Dorn-Breuss Spine Treatment

This method of massage assisting in preventing disc disorders around the spine and its dynamics. Dorn-Breuss spine treatment is particularly excellent for people with a sedentary lifestyle.

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For vitality and stimulation of your blood circulation and to regenerate all body structures we may suggest adding FIR far infrared radiance to your treatment. This combined healing frequency of far infrared, amethyst and negative ion penetrates joints and tissues much deeper than ordinary heat.

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Conveniently located on West Broadway in Kitsilano, Vancouver, Bodydynamic was established in 2004 where Birgit Michels began developing her personal style of deep manual massage, movements, joint release, spinal alignment & acupressure.

Since graduating from a 2-year program as a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist in 2010,
she is able to include working directly with the central nervous system, supporting health from within on a very powerful level.

I’ve had a lot of Craniosacral sessions over the years, and Birgit is by far the best. My energy field expands, and I feel a profound relaxation. Her skill and her love are transmitted through her hands. I’m impressed by the passion that she feels for her work. The other modalities she blends into her treatments become a holistic support for my process of unfolding.

Joe Bally, Certified Advanced Rolfer
When I was looking for a massage therapist, I searched the Net and happened upon Birgit’s website. I read the testimonials and on that basis, made an appointment. Now I want to add my comments so that others will be encouraged to give Birgit a try. My problem had been hip pain, but I got so much more from the treatments inc. relaxation techniques and noticeable improvements in my breathing. Besides that, it feels so good. Almost five years later, I still visit Birgit regularly.
Jean H
Birgit is one of the rare therapists who really listens to you and your body.  Guided by your body needs she works together with you to give you as much healing power as you can possibly take. The unique combination of Birgit’s professionalism, kindness, wisdom and the healing effect the therapy has on my whole body makes me come back over and over again. I have been visiting her now for a year and a half. When I first came to see Birgit, I almost lost any hope to ever heal my neck and shoulder that was bothering me for the last 15 years regardless of therapies I did before. The very first session she showed me that my body can live without pain. And with every following session, my state was only improving.  Every visit to Birgit is filled with warmth and kindness. She gently makes you tap into yourself, increasing your self-awareness and helping being kind to yourself on your journey. It is a very wholesome and unique experience.
Elena Alexeeva, IT Expert