It’s been a long time since we’ve met last…
I truly can say that I’ve had a very important and powerful download in Europe in those 6 weeks!

I just experienced walking 340 km through Portugal and Spain all the way to the inspiring cathedral in Santiago de Compostela/Spain. This is marked as the destination as here is where the remains of the holy man St. James are kept.

Walking the Camino brings theday to day life down to basic needs: eating, sleeping, walking and –
enormous gratitude for a happily operating body!

One might not think of that at first, but sure is powerful to be reminded of it! Yes, physically it was challenging as well as surprisingly empowering.

For me personally there is something incredibly grounding to recognize and experience the streets of Europe and their people.

Else I forgot how much I missed hearing church bells ring regularly… 🙂

The integration of my incredible journey is still going on…
and probably will for a while. I am happy to share some of it by Being here.

Together with my sister I walked 340 km in 18 days. That is an average of about 19km/day. Some days we came close to 30km, others we were not as ambitious, rested our tired bodies and did some sightseeing.
On my birthday we enjoyed the special treat of a luxurious bedroom in Oia! We had a deck and a phenomenal ocean view just a few meters away! What a treat!

It was especially wonderful after a day of 17km exceptional landscape (on the left) through biodiversity of granitic rocks on the beach and string blowing “sahara winds” just a few km later…a nature full of surprises.

Some days it rained and even hailed, some days we had full blown summer with the sun bright and warm. Fellow pilgrims are friendly and welcoming.

Other times I simply want to stay internal and walk quietly for an entire day. Thats when I actually felt contained and nourished the most.

Somehow it seems that seeds grow the best in the dark; however, to bloom and flourish they do need sunlight and want to be shared! XOXO

At some point, I noticed that the load I was carrying was way too heavy and I was wondering how much longer I could keep up with it by adapting the weight with adjustments on my backpack.

I could say that the lasting gift of walking the Camino has made me gently shift my orientation once again toward self care and I continue coming back to the essentials. Many, many times I already said:
“Less is more”. Now I was doing exactly that!

I feel more clear on how to distinguish priorities and I choose what truly is most rewarding and nourishing. My Camino experience has brought back my attention and appreciation of my legs, hips and feet again. I realize that those precious body parts are often underestimated, not even used very much in normal day to day city life!
My pilgrimage continues and there is something very settling about this!

Here is what I bring back: “Lighten up and bring attention!!!” Great right?
I highly do recommend this walking experience but one thing is certain:
Please prepare your body to create a pleasant experience for yourself!

I like to encourage you to come with curiosity and hang out in that different quality of physical sensation of your legs becoming alive!

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